Pourquoi installer un assainissement autonome ?

En France le réseau de tout à l’égout dessert la plupart des habitations.

Cependant dans certains cas, le raccordement au réseau collectif est impossible.

Les raison peuvent être varier :

  • L’isolement de l’habitation ou l’habitat dispersé
  • Le passage d’une rivière ou d’un cours d’eau, entravant le réseau d’assainissement collectif

Afin d’être conforme le logement doit disposer d’un assainissement.

Comment installer une micro-station d’épuration ?

If you have an attorney before your arraignment date, talk with your attorney in advance. The more your attorney understands about your case, the more he/she can help you.

Generally speaking, you should plan on staying at least three hours for your arraignment and in crowded courts you may be required to stay all day, until approximately 4:30 p.m. The courtroom is likely to be crowded and it may be a while before the judge gets to your case. Be early so that you will have enough time to find out where to go and to make sure you do not miss your case being called.